The Cordova community survey

If you are reading this you probably use or have used Apache Cordova. The Apache Cordova projects wants to understand the users and contributors better. Therefore, we invite you take part in a short survey for app developers and contributors of Cordova plugins.

Take survey

Thank you very much for taking part in this survey. The goal of this survey is to identify areas that can be improved by the Cordova community together. The survey is open from now on to December 24, 2023. The results will be shared on the Cordova blog.

For me personally the survey is very important, and I am really looking forward for the results. I think we all have a certain impression about the project and the survey should help us get a clear picture of what to do to make this project better for everybody.

Disclaimer: The survey questions are designed to not contain any personal information and can be answered anonymously. Please take note that the survey is using Google Forms to process the responses. The Google privacy policy is applicable for the data processed.