Our first blog

Hello World

We finally decided to start our first blog and here we are. Let´s talk about the tech and content behind this page.

Who we are

We are two brothers David and Niklas, who love to try out different technologies and start personal projects. We do projects together and are often consulting each other for our solo projects. Together we acquired knowledge over a really differentiated and ever expanding tech stack with a different focus for every one of us. We have been doing many more or less useful projects just for fun and learning for some time now.

What is it all about?

Our motivation for this blog is simple. We have many (unfinished) projects and we start to lose track of them. The main purpose of this blog is trying to document some of our personal projects and share them with the world. We are big believers in open source and the point of open source is shared knowledge. This is our attempt to be a part of it.

We may express our opinions on this site in the future, but let´s see.


We love to try out technology but for this site we forced ourselves to keep it simple and focus on the content. The site should have a minimalistic design like the Coder theme we chose (linked in footer) and writing & deployment have to be easy.

We picked the static site generator hugo which lets us use prebuilt themes and write content in simple Markdown. With Netlify and Gitlab deployment is as easy as a git push. We just had to set up the hugo template and Netlify is doing everything which keeps us focused on writing.

Because we don´t like vendor lock-in we made sure our blog can be hosted anywhere. With Git and hugo we have full flexibilty.

Closing words

Don´t take this blog to serious. We are newcommers and just starting. Have fun!